Thursday, March 3, 2016

Freebie Friday 03.04.16: How to Respond to FAQs about the Climate

The Climate Reality Project, the environmental advocacy group founded by Nobel Laureate Al Gore in 2006, sent me a really useful email yesterday — a link to a free e-book, The 12 Questions Every Climate Activist Hears and What to Say. The email promised “clear, understandable answers to these confusing questions.” I  decided to check it out and downloaded what turned out to be a 22 page pamphlet. The questions are indeed answered in a succinct, understandable way, accompanied by supporting graphics and links to additional resources.

The email requested that I share the book with a friend or two. Here is the link to get your own copy. 

The environmental movement needs committed advocates for climate solutions. This little book is a great place to start your education. To quote one of the book’s illustrations, “One person can only do so much.”

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