Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Shorts: 02.26.16 Calling All Solar Advocates

Shannon Laun, of CT Fund for the Environment is calling for all Solar Advocates in Connecticut to raise their voices in opposition to bill HB-5427. This bill amends the existing law, Public Act 15-113, that created the state’s currently-stalled Shared Solar Pilot Program. HB-5427 requires the state's electric utilities to buy the power from pilot shared solar installations for 15 years, a period of time that solar developers find unacceptable. They are asking for a requirement of 30 years, more in line with the life of the equipment; developers are unlikely to get financing for their projects if the requirement is set at 15 years. 

Things are happening quickly. A public hearing on this bill will take place in Hartford this TUESDAY, MARCH 1 at 1 pm. There are two ways to make your opinions heard:
  • You can email written testimony to the Energy Committee at Be sure to include the bill number, HB 5427.
  • You can come to Hartford to testify in person. In-person testimony is limited to three minutes. The hearing will be held in Room 1D of the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford. The agenda available here.

Remember that February is a short month. March 1 is just a few days away.

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