Friday, October 24, 2014

It's Food Day Today

Food Day is an annual nationwide celebration observed on October 24, created by Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), to address a variety of food issues including health and nutrition, hunger, agricultural policy, animal welfare, and farm worker justice. Food Day’s goal is to inspire Americans to change their diets and our nation’s food policies. 

In 2013 there were 4,700 Food Day events around the country, twice as many as in its first year in 2011. This year more than 8000 events are registered on the website – from special programs in school cafeterias, to rallies, community activities, and film screenings. Click here to find an already organized event near you. 

The Food Day website is rich in resources, including many ways to observe Food Day with family and friends. There are recipesgames, and even how-tos for hosting a fun and healthy Halloween party.

The Food Day site also has a number of infographics that are sure to spark some lively conversations.

Everyone can be a part of Food Day. Even if you are tied to your desk today, you can still participate in the Big Apple Crunch. Take a bite out of an apple at noon, and you will be joining thousand of others doing the same thing – all across the country. [In Ventura, CA they will be chomping on carrots!] 

Happy Food Day, everyone!

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