Thursday, December 5, 2013

Joining Hands for a Better World: 12.5.13

On Tuesday I set out on a pre-Christmas challenge — to post a tip a day we can collectively follow with the goal of making the world a better place. 

Since at least two researchers have learned that positive ideas have a greater effect on behavior than gloomy facts and figures, and that games work the best of all, I am starting off with some fun ideas. 

Today’s suggestion: Give a Kid A Toy

From the IKEA site

Through their annual Soft Toys for Education Campaign, the IKEA Foundation has already donated $51 million to UNICEF’s education programs for children in Africa and Asia, benefitting 10 million children in 46 countries.

Here’s how it works. For every soft toy or children’s book purchased online or in their stores between November 10th and  January 4th, IKEA will donate $1 to UNICEF and Save the Children. The donation will be spent on children’s educational projects in Africa, Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Check out all the soft toys here

If you feel like giving more toys than you have kids to give them to, buy lots of them and deposit them in the collection centers near the store exits. Each store will donate them to a worthy local cause. You’ll be giving twice — once in your neighborhood, and once far away.

That’s it for today. “See you tomorrow.”

All together now,” as the Beatles optimistically sang. Let’s show the world how much good we can do over the next few weeks.

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